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There was a Bulgarian woman. She was a fortuneteller. She passed away about 90 years ago. The Bulgarians call her the Nostradamus of Bulgaria. A Bulgarian scientist researched her fortunes—more than 7,000 cases—and they were correct more than 80% of the time. 

Before she passed away, she knew the day she would pass away. Some of her fortunes interest me. She foretold that World War III will happen between 2010 and 2014. In 3797 A.D. (about 1,787 years later), all creatures in the world will disappear but before this happens, humans will find another world to live in. 

The interesting point for me is not whether this is true or not, or whether this prediction will happen or not. The point is that if humans didn’t learn to control the mind by Dhamma, the brand new world will have so much trouble like the world we living nowadays.

A layperson asked an Ajahn, “There is so much trouble in the world. How can bhikkhus help?” The Ajahn answered, “The world is in trouble because humans are selfish. A bhikkhu can be an example of one who is unselfish.” And Ajahn Chah also said, “If you can learn to make the mind still, it will be the greatest help to the world.”


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Live in the present moment...If it true i will not find a new world to live ,my world is my mind...

#6 By UnjU NoNaN WednesinG on 2010-12-15 09:16

If it is going to be true, that mean in next 2-3 year it will happen. Wow i'd have to search for a new world to live then.

I would have to win a war of mind first, for a better life.

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Satu ka Luang Loong

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ยกเวลาให้ป๊ะป๋าก่อน ไว้ค่อยมาอ่านวันหน้านะคะ

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still try and learn the way how to keep my mind still that's so difficult not easy at all...ว่าแต่ยังมีแม่หมอแม่น ๆ แถวนี้ไหมอ่ะหลวงพ่อ?question

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